Project Completion – Conference in London

4 lipca 2022

On June 21, the London School of Economics and Political Science hosted the conference "(Europe's) Migrations and the Media".This conference brought together researchers and practitioners to discuss past and present political and media constructions of migrants and refugees. The meeting was held in a hybrid…

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(EUROPE’S) MIGRATIONS AND THE MEDIA – one-day conference in hybrid mode, June 21, 2022

8 czerwca 2022

This one-day conference organised by LSE Department of Media and Communications, Collegium Civitas and Polis explores political and media discourses of forced migration in Europe in the contexts of the war in Ukraine and the earlier ‘refugee crisis.’ Anti-refugee and anti-immigration discourses were politically effective during the so-called…

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MEDIATED WARS, MEDIATED REFUGE – post-graduate & early career seminar, June 20, 2022

7 czerwca 2022

This all-day post-graduate & early career seminar seeks to understand the relationship between communication, global politics, and war. It examines the role of global media in shaping the global conversation around war, global security, resistance, and refuge. The seminar evaluates how media’s coverage of recent…

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Presentation of the project results at scientific seminars in Tirana (Albania) and Prishtina (Kosovo)

29 grudnia 2021

On November 15, at the Tirana International Hotel and Conference Centre, a scientific seminar was held. Members of the project team presented research results on the media discourse on migrants in Poland, Ukraine, Albania and the Czech Republic. The meeting was partially hybrid. The Polish…

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Research meeting in Brno

31 grudnia 2019

On December 12-13, another research team meeting took place, this time in Brno in the Czech Republic. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the results of FGI research carried out by partners in recent weeks. During the two-day meeting, we discussed how to…

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Meeting of the research team in Kiev.

1 października 2019

The research team met in Kiev on September 26-27. We provided a summary of the quantitative analysis of media messages. The main purpose of the meeting was the discussion, which focused on the preparation of a qualitative study of media audiences. The result of the…

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