Meeting of the research team in Kiev.

1 października 2019 News  

The research team met in Kiev on September 26-27. We provided a summary of the quantitative analysis of media messages.

The main purpose of the meeting was the discussion, which focused on the preparation of a qualitative study of media audiences. The result of the study was an attempt to answer the question: „What determines the way of interpreting messages about migrants?”

On the first day two lectures were given by colleagues from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv:

  • Svitlana Babenko, Docent (Associate Professor), PhD in Sociology, Faculty of Sociology, “Puzzles of Migration and Social Integration of Crimean Tatars before and after Annexation of Crimea”
  • Oleh Ivanov, PhD in Sociology and Mass Communication, Independent researcher, „Text classification using machine learning techniques: case of media portrait of migrants”