Presentation of the project results at scientific seminars in Tirana (Albania) and Prishtina (Kosovo)

29 grudnia 2021 News  

On November 15, at the Tirana International Hotel and Conference Centre, a scientific seminar was held. Members of the project team presented research results on the media discourse on migrants in Poland, Ukraine, Albania and the Czech Republic. The meeting was partially hybrid. The Polish team composed of dr Magdalena El Ghamari and dr Marek Troszyński from Collegium Civitas, and the Albanian team – dr Erka Caro and dr Elona Dhembo were present on the spot. Dr Monika Bartoszewicz from the Czech team presented the research results via Zoom application. The presentations of the Ukrainian and Kosovar teams were recorded earlier and played back to the participants during the seminar. Almost 20 people attended the meeting, primarily lecturers and students of the University of Tirana. The guests were most interested in the Albanian team’s research result (which should not be surprising), as well as methodological issues.

On November 17, a scientific seminar was held in Prishtina, with a formula very similar to the event in Tirana. The Polish team, present on the spot – Dr Magdalena El Ghamari and dr Marek Troszyński, as well as members of the Kosovar team, dr Judita Krasniqi and dr Labinot Hajdari, presented the results of their research to the gathered public. Other team members joined via Zoom application, or we used their recorded presentations. The meeting took place at the hospitable walls of the Kolegij Universum. The seminar attended almost 40 students, lecturers and members of non-governmental organizations from Kosovo, and the special guest representing the Kosovo Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora -Ramadan Mramori. We would like to thank the authorities and employees of the Kolegij Universum for a warm welcome and a great atmosphere!